3 June 2024

Interview Series
with Richard Creasey

Everyone knows that John Creasey is one of the great kings of the crime novel, but did you know that he got his break via a fish and chips wrapper? This interview series with his son, Richard Creasey enlightens us with some surprising things about the man and legend, as well as some personal anecdotes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

“One of the magic things about dad was that he was a storyteller, and therefore if you read his biography you’ll find that many of the stories I’ll tell he told to audiences in two or three different ways. So it’s not always the same story, it was always a story slightly made up but it always got to the same ending…”

– Richard Creasey

John Creasey’s childhood:

Richard Creasey discusses his father’s childhood and how he grew to love writing under the influence of one of his teachers.

Creasey’s crime novel:

Richard Creasey discusses how his father, John Creasey tackled the art of writing the crime novel and how he adapted it for his own purposes.

Finding success in England and beyond:

Richard Creasey walks us through how John Creasey found success in England and how he eventually broke through into the American market. He also lets us know about how travelling contributed to Creasey’s international standing.

Creasey’s personal life:

Richard Creasey lets us in on some personal information and anecdotes about his late father, John Creasey.

Read more on Richard Creasey’s website here.

Richard Creasey (second from right) with his father John Creasey, mother and older brother – at the film launch of John Ford’s Gideon’s Day in 1958.