A tale of murder and international intrigue from the multimillion-selling, award-winning author.

Looking forward to a relaxing afternoon away from the trials of Department Z, Bob Kerr eagerly awaits the arrival of fellow agent Lois Dacre. He is temporarily amused by the sight of a passerby oddly dressed in an enormous fur coat on an exceptionally warm day.

Then, interrupted by a call from Agent Craigie, Kerr is alerted to new developments in the principality of Vallena. Kerr cuts the call short to answer a knock at his door. And the visitor is the man in the fur coat—who has arrived from Vallena . . .

The information the man relays to Kerr is life threatening. There is a hit out on his own life—and Kerr is next on the list. As the assassinations in Vallena mount, British officials are put in the line of fire. Agent Kerr and Department Z must work swiftly and tirelessly in order to topple a criminal organization before another life is lost . . .

Title: Menace
Published: 1938
Genre: Department Z