Prepare for Action

A World War II thriller by a multimillion-selling, Edgar Award–winning author.

As plans for D-Day loom large, the agents of Department Z—a secret detective unit within British intelligence—are working overtime to halt the leaking of intelligence to Berlin. Meanwhile, three cousins undertake their own covert operation: meeting in a cottage in Guildford to discuss a dark family matter in secret.

As these two seemingly unrelated events collide, the cousins are drawn along a secretive trail that leads to a powerful spy ring. The team faces a race against the clock, as they fight to infiltrate this tight-knit organization—or risk devastating consequences . . .

“Following closely on the heels of history, and sometimes a little ahead of it, Mr. Creasey and Department Z are busy preventing someone from putting a spoke in the wheels of the Allied invasion of Europe.”Evening Chronicle

Title: Prepare for Action
Published: 1942
Genre: Department Z