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The Superintendent Folly series

Superintendent Folly investigates family tyranny and murder in  LET’S KILL UNCLE LIONEL and the mystery of a dead body found by the new wife of Robin Fayne buried in the garden in MURDER IN THE FAMILY.  These are just two of the mysteries which befall Superintent Folly.  

The Superintendent Folly series was written under the pseudonym Jeremy York between 1942–1948.
In the asterisked titles, Folly was added for the revised editions of novels originally written as standalones.


· Foul Play Suspected (1942) *
· Crime With Many Voices (1945) *
· No Crime More Cruel (1945) *
· Find the Body (1945)
· Murder Came Late (1946)
· Mystery Motive (1947) *
· Run Away to Murder (1947)
· First a Murder (1947)
· Close the Door on Murder (1948)
· Let’s Kill Uncle Lionel (1948)

Join an ultra-secret group of civilian spies and discover threats that are too strange for official channels . . . 

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