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Standalone novels

Standalone novels, as John Creasey
· Seven Times Seven (1932)
· Men, Maids and Murder (1933)
· The Men Who Died Laughing (1935)
· Yesterday’s Murder (1945)
· The Mountain of the Blind (1960)
· The Foothills of Fear (1961)
· The Masters of Bow Street (1972)
He also wrote a series of 10 novels in the 1930s about a hardboiled FBI agent named Lemmy Caution, and it was the success of these which allowed him to retire from the police force and become a full-time writer. The French singer/actor Eddie Constantine who played the part in 10 films, was identified with Lemmy Caution to such a degree,that many film goers were not sure not which was his real name.

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