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Murder Must Wait

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Publisher: Ipso Books
Language: English

Once again Department Z is faced with a seemingly insolvable problem when they hear for the first time of The Ring, a mysterious international organisation that has suddenly gained power and infiltrated the governments of several key global powers. The Ring is believed to be responsible for catastrophic global events and to be planting the seeds of anarchy once again.

Gordon Craigie and his department, determined to stop The Ring, are pushed to their limit as they try to block their destructive path. Gordon must learn to work in alignment with other international organisations so that together, they might unearth the mystery of The Ring…but will their cooperation be enough? Can Department Z discover the truth behind The Ring before it’s too late?

‘There may come a time when all the possibilities of crime will have been fully explored in fiction, but Mr. John Creasey’s inventive powers make that prospect seem remote.’ – Times Literary Supplement


Murder Must Wait is now available as an ebook and will be available in paperback soon.

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Join an ultra-secret group of civilian spies and discover threats that are too strange for official channels . . . 

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